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We set up a page on Facebook to try and coordinate a 25th reunion. Look us up as MHS Reunion if you are interested.

times past...

1986 - 2009...

It has been twenty-three years since we graduated. This is quite the fantastic world we live in now with the proliferation of cell phones, high definition television, satellite radio, computers, and the internet. The flip side is equally dark with internet fraud, identity theft, school shootings and suicide bombers. This ain't the same world I grew up in, but I like it.

How many of ya'll still have some albums and cassette tapes left over from younger days? I've burned through quite a few of each but haven't seen any of them in years, since the early '90s I guess. I enjoyed high school, at least most of it. I've often wondered over the years how my fellow classmates have fared in life.

Share your stories with us. It's convenient and free. We are giving the site a full upgrade, which includes search optimization for submission and indexing in all of the major internet search engines.

in the future...

I believe that Shelly McBride-Dodge has offered to handle details for a 25th year class reunion. Contact Shelly for details and information from her alumni page.

Shelly has also scanned some yearbook pages and sent them in, so we have a senior class gallery and a yearbook gallery.

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to send in pictures, video, stories, or whatever they wish to contribute. I'm specifically requesting annual scans from 1982 - 1986 of everything we don't already have, like Who's Who, Class Officers, Most Likely to Whatever, hall and classroom shots, etc.

Don't forget to check the site often for updates, including our roster of current contact information, and our reunion page for any breaking news regarding an actual get-together in the future.

Ron Perkins

about this site

I do apologize for treating this site like a stepchild. We've finally completed our server upgrades so I can at least straighten out this website before we get busy again.

In the future I will try and devote a little time each week for alumni page adds and changes and some time each month for site maintenance and updates.

Feel free to send me any suggestions you may have for improving the alumni website.